The New Beginning

Each and every end of year is a new beginning. Towards many people that would be the first of January, while for me and hubby the beginning of the year lays in the day after long National Holiday Week. Some might call this a weird practice yet it is not so uncommon around the world
There is a solid reason why we do our yearly resolution in the middle of the year, though. My hubby owns and runs a small business all year long. Due to the hectic daily activities, the weekend and holidays would only sufficient for some precious sleep. This is literally the only time we can get some well needed rest and able to contemplate on what to accomplish next.

As I believe that many of us had difficulty in keeping the yearly resolution, I know I had to make it very simple and low pressure. My yearly resolution will be keeping this blog running by writing daily. It is might not be so ambitious compare to other resolutions on your list, but I still look forward in doing so. 

Like many I do too think that daily writing is a bit challenging, since there would be times when we stuck in the middle of nowhere inspiration-less. So to help out, I use some tools that is both practical and simple. 

  1. List of themes. There are a lot to write about crochet world, its overwhelming sometimes. To simplify the brainstorming, I list all the themes I can write about in a list.
  2. Getting a pair of dice to roll. This would be very effective to determine which theme should be chosen. If going to convenience store is too troublesome, you can try Dice from sealable app.
  3. Getting a note book. Jotting down things are both helping us to low down the screen time and help to remember more. But if you are like me, One Note can be a good app to use to subtitute this. 

With these tools I am ready to realise my resolution. I am ready to document my adventure in the craft world and share you some of daily findings in this small corner of the world. 

What about you, have you get on your resolution as well? Let me know in the comment below. 

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