When we talk about craft, my mind always envision crochet. It all started somewhere in my middle school year, you know the time when puberty start kicking in and you don’t know what to do about it? It was then when I fell in love with the idea of showing your love in valentines day by knitting a garment for the boy you like. Influenced by Japanese Shoujo Manga, the gullible teen-me picked up my first hook and ball of yarn at the local store and went to my mom for some crochet crash course.

Wait..crochet crash course? Yep, you read it right. Not a knitting course, since my tutor then knows only one needle craft that is crochet. Thus, in the middle of rainy  December, I learned to hook. I can say I learned this craft the hard way. Then there were really limited source of knowledge we can turn to for learning. No literature, no internet, no access to any craft club but the old grannies who will teach you the art that has passed down through the oral means. It is really difficult to replicate a design unless you borrow it from someone who has the physical product. This do me no good since the crochet practitioners around me only know how to make crochet table cloth (or a pillow set on that).  Thus I went on experimental journey for creating the products I envisioned to have.

Looking back to my earlier projects always makes me want to cringe. There were wavy circles, uneven stitches, rough finishing and those UFOs scattered around that marked my journey to be a better crafter. Studies comes first and I began to neglect my hobby up till the last semester that full with tension. Doll-making, embroidery, sewing and crochet become my go-to prescription of calmness. It seems like whenever the hands are busy with creating something, the head becomes clear and I began to be able to refocusing on the things that need to be done. This effect is the one that many crafter swear by.

Years passed by, it has been 15 plus years on and off hooking and I love to say that I’m not stopping. I ended up not showing my love to the crush I learned the skills for but I never regret it. Through the years the craft has accompanying me finishing my studies, finding a lot of meaningful friendship and gaining me some pocket money, yay!!!